The executive director of Afro Heritage Broadcasting And Entertainment Awards , AHBEA, Mr Yomi Fash-Lanso, on behalf of the executive committee of AHBEA,  has  congratulated its executive producer , Mr Yisa Sola Olaniyan on his ascension as the Oba of Ipokia.


Olaniyan, the executive director of afro heritage entertainment  promotions, a USA based entertainment company, was installed as the 46th Oba of Ipokia Kingdom in Ogun State.


Oba Yisa Sola Olaniyan’s fervent belief in the promotion of African arts and culture to the rest of the world gave birth to the idea of AHBEA. His unflinching support and logistics have sustained and maintained AHBEA’s consistency for five uninterrupted years even in the face of so many financial constraints.


Many times, we had thought of cancelling AHBEA because of finances but he muscles his way to coughing out funds just to make each year a success.


We, undoubtedly, believe that where he is today is Olodumare’s doing. Your love for people, irrespective of background, race or colour, most especially the people of ipokia kingdom has eventually paid off.


May your reign usher in more progress in human and material form for Ipokia. May your years be long on the throne of your forefathers. May Olodumare and the ancestors continue to guard and guide you to the right path, Kabiyesi.



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