Former governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, has tendered
his resignation from active and partisan politics with effect.

In a 10-point letter dated 14th March, 2019, the PDP stalwart said that the
decision is entirely personal and having served in various capacities, he has
resolved to immerse himself in some other vocations and take on some new

Full Statement

My Political Journey so far

1. I joined the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State on Sunday, the
9th of September, 2001 at an event which was described as one of the most
ceremonial political rallies in our recent political history in the South
Western part of Nigeria. We rose from that rally to create a highly robust and
effective political campaign machinery which resulted in an electoral victory
for the Peoples Democratic Party in Ogun State in 2003; this movement and
vibration affected the politics of the region positively with a victory in five
(5) states of the South West.

2. I served as Governor of Ogun State for eight (8) years and our
administration till today remains a point of reference in terms of physical,
social, economic, educational and human capital development since the State was
created in 1976.

3. Notwithstanding these widely acclaimed achievements however, our party,
the Peoples Democratic Party ran into trouble waters towards the end of our
administration (about the year 2009) which led to the sad loss in the election
of 2011, and regrettably ten (10) years after the party has been unable to
resolve those internal disputes and challenges.

4. Meanwhile, the PDP in Ogun State was confronted with a very difficult
situation in matter of choice. Whereas the national leadership of our party,
recognized one candidate for the 2019 election, by court pronouncements another
candidate, and in compliance with those court orders, which the Independent
National Electoral Commission (INEC) recognized was on the INEC list. The
candidates recognized by INEC were not acceptable to the national leadership of
the party. Our situation was then compounded because the candidate which the
court and INEC recognized and accepted as valid has also been expelled by the
party. This was the dilemma we found ourself as we approached the March 9, 2019
Governorship and State House of Assembly elections.

5. Going forward, we have responded to the yearnings of our people and
joined others in emplacing an administration that we believe will better serve
the interests of our people than what currently exists. The rest they say is
now history.

6. I must say that looking back, I do not have any regrets over that
patriotic choice and decision, especially as several of our citizens, leaders
and stakeholders in the state and outside have commended that singular action.
Many stakeholders within and outside Ogun State feel fulfilled, excited and
grateful about our decision to join others in putting a stop to a regime that
was believed to be against the collective and general welfare of our people.

7. Let me also add, that in the last few months, I have had one of the rare
privileges of traveling round the entire length and breadth of our great
country on at least two occasions; the first being during my campaigns to
become the National Chairman of our great party, and later as the Director
General of the Atiku Presidential Campaign Organization (APCO).

8. I must sincerely admit that in the course of all these travels, I have
built a network of contacts, of friends and associates in a mutually rewarding
relationships which I cherished most and greatly too. I am therefore persuaded
that I have fewer points to make and prove in my Political journeys in partisan

9. My decision to quit partisan politics notwithstanding, I have decided to
rejuvenate my charity based organization, the Gateway Front Foundation (GFF)
which will literally continue to dispense succor to our people in need, address
and assist in the areas of some of their health challenges; I also plan on
resuscitation of the non-partisan Political Leadership Academy (POLA) which I
established some years ago as a platform of political education to our

10. Without doubt, I will miss the company of my friends and associates and
all those relationships I built in the course of the years all over the

While I crave for your kind understanding, accept assurances of my highest

Yours faithfully,

Otunba (Engr.) Gbenga Daniel, FNSE, FNAEng
Governor of Ogun State (2003-2011).


His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar GCON
Chairman, Board of Trustees (PDP)


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