Nigerians trooped out today, in
their armies,  to perform their visit duties and determine who the new
Nigeria leader shall be from May 2019. The large turnout did not suggest that
anything fettered them,  against all odds. The citizens, therefore,
deserves to be saluted for the superlative outing which demonstrates faith in
democracy and belief in the process of election to deliver ideal leadership. 

While few reports of distruptions
and constraints have been repeatedly given in some parts of the country, we do
understand that the process can not be perfect in absolute terms and so we want
to encourage Nigerians to remain patriotic in the hope that the Independent
National Electoral Commission, INEC, will deliver what’s is generally fair and
acceptable enough. It is in this particular regard that we salute the security
operatives for protecting the process.

Though we understand the edge
President Muhammadu Buhari is having over contenders in the election, yet we do
know within the ambits of the law that it is the sole responsibility of INEC to
make results pronunciation,  hence,  we enjoin all Nigerian citizens
to abide by the rules and give peace and propeity the rightful place. 

It’s a huge success that the
election process have come this far and well, it therefore becomes most
unnecessary to unleash crisis, irrespective. Again, strict restraint must be
made not to jubilate or celebrate the result now until the final outcome is
given by INEC.  

While we are confident of victory,
we enjoin our teeming leaders, members and volunteers across the states of the
federation to be vigilant and be security conscious in defense of the mandate
generously given to APC by Nigerians. It sure shall end in praise, God willing,
and to the benefit of all lovers of Democracy and all Nigerians. 


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