Tell us a brief about yourself?
*We are Tinadels Promotions & Awards Organization. We are a duly Registered and Reputable Media/Entertainment Brand in Nigeria with a vision of Discovering Talents, Building Dreams, Promoting National Progress and Projecting the Good image of the Nation Globally (both the domestic and international level) through Media, Arts and Entertainment*
What is your project about?
*Miss Liberty Nigeria 2020 Project core aim is giving Value to Beauty, Culture and Intelligence. MLN is an empowerment programme geared towards educating, developing and empowering the Young African Girls.*
*The NIGERIAN GOLDEN LEADERS / ENTREPRENEUR AWARD is a Platform of The MISS LIBERTY NIGERIA Project that is geared towards celebrating and recognizing the Nigerian Heroes and Heroines in various fields such as entrepreneur, Lawmakers, Clergymen, Royal Fathers, Force men, human activists and merrymakers, who have made great impact in our nation. (NGLEA)*
*Young African Girls (YAG) aim is to promote the rights of the female child, mobilize, enlighten them towards personal growth, development and participation through creative education and action oriented programs such as skills acquisition towards their empowerment. YAG vision is channelled towards empowering the female child with accurate information and Skills from a Gender perspective for Self Reliance and Social Activities.*
Any sponsors yet? And what are your sponsorship plans?
Why is this project important?
*MLN is an important project because it has a lot to do with birthing new stars and nurturing great talents that will liberate the world.*
There seem to be a lot of similar platforms coming up. What makes yours different?
*YOUNG AFRICAN GIRLS (YAG) and The NIGERIAN GOLDEN LEADERS/ENTREPRENEUR AWARDS (NGLEA) makes it different from all other platforms/projects in the world.*
What are the participants you are expecting?
*Young Girls, Parents, Women, Politicians, Philanthropists, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and e.t.c*
What other projects aside this one have you handed before?
What is your rating on the Entertainment Industry?
*The entertainment industry has proven satisfactory results but we can get more
How can potential participants get involved?
Participants/Contestants from each states across the nation can Register by
Paying the sum of ₦5000 to First bank
Acct Number: 2034226249
Send proof of payment to
Log on to and Fill the Form
For Sponsorship/Partnership Enquiries,
Pls Call/Whatsapp:- 0815 059 3992, 08060317114, 08167925054
Instagram:- @misslibertynigeria
Twitter:- @missliberty_ng



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