Following the curfew imposed by the government to restrain movement from 8pm to 6am, frontline fuji singer, Wasiu Odetola better known as Pauma, has appealed to the Federal and Lagos state government to review the curfew by extending hours of movement to 10pm.

Pasuma made the appeal in a video he posted on his social media platform.

Lamenting how the curfew and the entire situation actually impeded the celebration of Eid-Fitri, the handsome singer said he is a law abiding citizen and that the reason why a curfew was placed is appreciated, because it’s actually to safeguard the lives of the people. However, he urged the government to see how a review can be made such that citizens would be able to move around till about 10pm, so things can be a little better. He added that having to return home at 8pm has been a very hard way to live as it makes people to scamper in order to avoid being arrested by the security agents when it’s past 8pm.


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