Born unto parents who make Godliness a priority in life, little Lekan never crossed the line as he grew under the tutelage of his father and mother who ensured every of his footstep was in accordance with God’s rules.

Chairman, MarvegloPlus, Nigeria, Lekan Oyegbade (Middle) with his expatriate business partners

As a portion of the holy book implies that, when you train your child in the way of the lord, when he grows, he will not depart, so as the man at the centre stage lived since he  grew into adulthood.  Even in the face of adversities, unassuming  and hardworking Lekan Oyegbade, has not at any point jettisoned the ways of God as this in turn has made him grow steadily to a man who is not only successful  in his chosen trade but remained a role model through his exemplary way of living.

Seasons have passed but Oyegbade remains grand, like the nurturing guardian whose tenderness and warmth blesses the land. The story of his exquisite manhood resonates with a pleasant pearl. To his staff, friends, family and beneficiaries, his warm personality has been their anchor, his shoulder their rampart of comfort.

However, counting his blessings as this handsome dude adds another year; Joy spreads like dandelions in full blossom across his pastures. Ecstasy nestles in his heart, its flirt strides his world, impregnating it with cheers unrestrained gratitude for a life well spent. Handsome and University of Jos graduate, Oyegbade is overwhelmingly grateful to his creator for gift of life, flourishing endeavor, robust health, divine protection, as well as been blessed with a better half, Bukola, who complements him. Not relegating to the background his appreciation of his wonderful children that put smile on his face.

He added another year to become year older on 17th February and he, along with members of his household are basking in the euphoria of the birthday anniversary.


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