His Excellency,
The Executive Governor of Lagos State,
*Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu.*
Dear Excellency,
The events of the last few days in Lagos and across Nigeria is unexpected by every political official.  I am certain it is bedazzling to even the youthful strata that a time like this will ever birth, when we will all echo the same grievance with the zest of a hungry lion, seeking his meal ferociously.
Everyone is angry, frustrated, tired but this *word processor & tech savvy* generation decided to grab the bull by the horns while damning the consequences like the biblical Esther saying “If I perish, I perish”.
The *#EndSARS* movement has no leader and neither rudderless.  We cannot tolerate another death, torture or maltreatment of our kind by our kind (police holding guns).  The purpose of the SARS unit is defeated with the misdemeanor of the officers in the unit who perpetrate crimes against humanity at will while boldly telling us that *”nothing will happen”.*
Beyond the over flogged clichés of the *hypocritical announcement of scrapping SARS* and renaming the unit, without a commensurate overhauling of the Nigeria police, is simply *’treating eczema while leaving the leprosy’.*
200million naira as compensation to aggrieved victims and families of police brutality is quite nice but the officers who perpetrate these heinous crimes must be prosecuted and serve as deterrent to others.  It must be harped in their sensibilities that *something will happen* whenever they cross the lines to dehumanize us rather than protect us.
The police also need better salaries, health insurance, life assurance policies.  These incentives should encourage any willing Nigeria to sacrifice his time and life to protect other Nigerians.  The *protect the looters and loot the vulnerables* policy must be corrected in the police force.
We are all to blame for the malaise in the society and particularly the political class who hoodwink and usurp the joblessness of the youths for political advantage.
*’An idle hand is the devil’s workshop’* is a popular coinage.  The youths have a lot of latent energy waiting to be dissipated. The latent energy is at the beck and call of the highest bidder, willing to harness the verve for whatever purpose so desired.  This is how many youths have wasted their destinies by scampering for crumbs which drop from the table (our table) of those who are meant to serve us.
Excellency sir, I personally, as well as many observant citizens of Lagos State, note your leadership stance since the rude entry of covid-19, which disrupted our groovy lifestyle in Lagos and now the restive youths protests.  Without mincing words and devoid of any flattery, your proactivity and communication skills during these sensitive moments have been impeccably reassuring.
You do have your lapses but the strengths you have exhibited in these perilous times have overshadowed your human weaknesses.
You have empathized with the youths without the use of force, which is commonplace in our clime.  Despite being snobbed, you applied maturity and resonated with the grievances of the protesters and laid a very extraordinary example for other governors to tow.  I commend you for this leadership trait.  You also chose your communication with angelic caution so as not to aggravate already frayed nerves.
*#EndSARS* does not end with the police but must reflect in all aspects of our polity and livelihood.  Lagos, as ‘Center of Excellence’ can set an exemplary tone for Nigeria (my personal opinion).  We, the youths (and every citizen), refuse to be treated like animals in our country.  We reject the blatant inhumane behavioral style of all government officials (not just police), who are meant to serve us. We are in our prime and deserve the best so as to deploy our creativity for the common good of the nation.
Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, your seat today is a privilege as it was for other predecessors.  Do seek more wisdom for leadership and the universe will bestow it upon you immeasurably.
The world is watching keenly, the youths are observing every reaction and response during this season and it actually seems the majority in your hierarchy *don’t really care about us.*
My governor sir, you would do well to consider what you would want done if you were not a governor and do your best to see it done while you are the governor by privilege.
God bless you Excellency
God bless Lagos State
God bless NIGERIA
Youthfully yours,
*Amb. Demola SANYAOLU*


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